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ACT - How You Can Help!

You don't just have to adopt in order to help us in our rescue efforts. There are many ways to help, from volunteering your time to cracking open a bottle of wine! Below are some of the simple things you can do to help our homeless hounds.


Donate to Hound Haven's New Facility!

Hound Haven has secured a facility to house our rescue dogs and sell our amazing dog food and treats!

Our HomegrownfacilityHounds Dog Deli and Bakery™ profits will go solely to supporting our rescue efforts and covering the overhead of the facility. So the more successful our dog deli and bakery is, the more dogs we can save!

There's also room for us to expand so we can save even more dogs. But before we can open, we need your help! Right now our space is nothing more than walls and floor, so we need to raise funds to get it ready for our dogs.

Donate to the right and get cool stuff from our new store in return. Your donations will help us finish out the space and get items we desperately need! Click here to learn how you can help.


Donate Much Needed Funds

Donate You can help us greatly by donating funds for medical care of our rescue dogs.

Some dogs that come to us have serious health issues such as being heartworm positive, injuries from being hit by cars, dog fight wounds, mange, upper respiratory infections and much more.

The costs of these things can add up, but no matter a dog's ailments, we take them in and get them to perfect health. We charge the same adoption fee so that their previous health issues do not hinder their chances for a new forever home.

We need your help to subsidize the cost of their medical care so we can continue to save those who truly need us most!

Click here to make donation.


Donate Goods

Donate OnlineAmazon Wishlist

If you prefer to donate items we desperately need please checkout our

Amazon Wishlist!


Donate In Person

You can aslo donate usable items and food in person to the PETCO in Highland Village.

PETCOPETCO Highland Village, TX
3194 Justin Rd.
Highland Village, TX 75077

If this PETCO isn't local to you please email us and we can set up a drop off at any PETCO!



Subscribe to Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal WellnessHound Haven will receive 40% of each Subscription fee when the Promo Code AW143 is used.

Click on the picture to get your subscription to this awesome magazine today!



Sign Up for Our E-Newsletter

Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter to get updates on our rescue dogs and how you can help! We have two newsletters, our Hound Haven newsletter and our Homegrown Hounds newsletter. Click below to sign up for one or both!

Hound Haven E-newsletter- Stay up to date with our rescue's events and rescued pups! We will keep you posted on our dogs in need and how you can help. We will also let you know when we hold awesome events you can come to!

Homegrown Hounds E-newsletter - Our dog food and treat company that supports our rescue has an e-newsletter too! Filled with wonderful info on how to keep your dog healthy and safe. We share information on dog food and treat recalls, as well as posts from our dog food blog, The Dog Food Guru. Become an educated dog owner and help your dog live a long and happy life! Plus, get discounts and free offers! 100% of the proceeds go to our rescue dogs.



Shop in Our Hound Haven Store

Buy t-shirts, car magnets, pupslings™, custom dog artwork, antlers, toys and more!

Click here to fill up your cart!


Buy Dog Food and Treats

Buy dog food and treats for your pooch and 100% of the proceeds go to Hound Haven!



Adopt A Shelter

When you shop online through stores like Amazon,, Target online, and many many more, just make sure to go through the Adopt a Shelter website first! Then when you shop, a percentage of your purchase goes to Hound Haven.

Click here to start shopping for the dogs!

adopt a shelter


Drink, Save Lives and Be Merry!

benefit winesPurchase wine from Hound Haven Cellars

Every bottle has our custom-made label with one of our rescued hounds on it! $6 from the purchase of each bottle goes directly to Hound Haven to aid in our rescue efforts!

Wines offered are - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc. Imported from LaFortuna Vineyards in Lontue Valley, Chile. Paw harvested, certified organic, vegan friendly and fair trade certified.

Enjoying great wine and helping dogs, what more could you ask for! Get yours today!

Click Here to Purchase a Bottle!

FosterFoster with Hound Haven

Without our wonderful fosters it would be impossible for us to save lives. If you have the extra space, time and food to share we encourage you to consider opening your home to a homeless hound in need!

Fostering is the most direct way of helping in the dog rescue world. It can be the most rewarding experience of all.

If you are considering fostering, please visit the foster section of our website here.



FacebookFollow us on Facebook and ask your friends to like us as well!

The more dog lovers who we can reach and share our posts, the more dogs we can help!

A simple share of a dog's picture who only has hours left at the shelter could reach someone interested in fostering or adopting! Networking saves lives and every share helps.



We have many upcoming fundraisers that you can attend and sign up for! Check out some of our upcoming ones on our Event Calendar here.



We always need great volunteers to help at our events and transporting dogs from the shelters to their foster homes.

If you have some time to spare and love dogs, then fill out our Hound Helper application here!

You can view a list of our upcoming events on our calendar here.